I Want to be Baptised

We want to be with you at life’s key moments
ADULT BAPTISMS  otherwise known as Christenings
Adult Baptism

You can be Baptised at any age – it’s never too late.   Whenever it happens, baptism is at the heart of an amazing journey of faith as a follower of Jesus Christ.  Jesus himself was baptised in the River Jordan, and many adults who are baptised do so as an opportunity to follow in his footsteps and publicly declare their Christian faith.

Font at St Mary’s,

As an adult you will not need godparents, but friends or family members can be your “sponsors”.   They will commit to support you as you navigate your way through life against a backdrop of faith, hope, and love, and to help you become part of the wider church family.

Sponsors must be baptized Christians, and it is desirable that they should be regular communicants of the Church in Wales or of a Church in communion with it.

To enquire about a Baptism contact our Ministry Area Office on 02920 624115 or speak to a member of our clergy team.