Make a Donation

There are a number of ways to contribute to your church.

You can sign up to our Gift Direct scheme, giving a regular amount to the church from your bank account.  You can donate by clicking the link below. Please Gift Aid your donation if you are a UK taxpayer.

You can choose to donate to the Ministry Area, which will benefit all of the 4 churches or to your specific church.  If you click the Church in Wales link below, you can make a donation by typing ‘Taff Wenallt ’ in to the Beneficiary box. The name of the ministry area  with your local church alongside itwill appear.  i.e: ‘Taff Wenallt Ministry Area, St Thomas Birchgrove’ etc.

Alternatively, cash donations can be given to church collections, or there is normally a plate left out to receive givings.   We also operate envelope schemes whereby you receive a yearly supply of numbered envelopes which can be given in to the regular collections.   If you want to do that, please speak to the stewardship recorder, who will give you a pack of envelopes.  If you are a UK taxpayer you can Gift Aid your giving so that, at no cost to yourself, your donations are supplemented by the tax authorities, who  give the church the tax you have paid on your donations.

Thank you.

Type ‘Taff Wenallt’ in to the Beneficiary section and the name of your local church will appear.